Aluminum Foil Melamine Foam

Aluminum Foil Melamine Foam is a convininet to use heat resister.

What are Aluminium Foil

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Aluminium foil is a versatile and effective material, involved in many applications – in particular for packaging and technical products.

Foil is a very thin sheet of rolled aluminium supplied in its pure form (‘commercial purity’) or in a variety of alloys and tempers which give a wide choice of tensile properties.

The thickness of foil ranges from the thinnest currently produced commercially at about 0.0065 mm (or 6.5 µm) to the defined upper limit of 0.2 mm (or 200 µm). Material thicker than 0.2 mm is defined as sheet or strip.

Aluminium foil is very conductive to heat. It stands up to all temperature variations encountered in the processing and use of packaging – from well below blast-freezing to the extremes of baking and grilling- without distorting, melting or the risk of sudden cracking.


Aluminium foil also dissipates heat quickly – ideal for autoclaving and heat-sealing processes. It can help minimise sealing times and evens out the temperature gradient within both containers and flexible packaging, helping to protect product quality and energy economy. Its heat conductivity can help minimise processing, chilling and reheating times.

Aluminum foil can be an effective insulating material because it doesn’t radiate heat out into the environment. That’s what makes it effective directly under a roof: although it will warm up through conduction from the shingles, it won’t radiate that heat out into the attic space. In HVAC applications for example, the foil blocks heat from entering or escaping keeping the temperature where it is wanted inside the ducts. This same concept is used in many other residential and commercial applications.

How does melamine foam work as insulation? Because the grid structure of foam inhibits the convection and heat transfer of air, it is excellently suited to being used in melamine scum insulation products. In addition, it can bear temperatures of -180 degrees Celsius up to 200 degrees Celsius.

For short periods of time, melamine foam can remain stable in temperatures of 240 degrees Celsius. These characteristics make it incredibly suited to becoming scum insulation. Scum insulation is sold by a variety of retailers for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning duct lining. It is suitable to being vacuum formed, cut, coated, and waterproofed, if necessary.

The combination of aluminum foil and nanosponge can magnify the heat resistance and heat preservation effect to the extreme. Both are light-weight multi-purpose materials that can be applied to a variety of work scenarios.

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