Architecture Market

Sound-absorbing panels and sound insulation/metal ceiling panels to improve the sound-absorbing performance.

Create a quieter environment for living and working

FoamTech Melamine foam has superb performance of acoustic and thermal insulation and excellent fire retardant. The unique open-cell three-dimensional structure of melamine foam effectively blocks acoustic waves. Melamine foam sound absorption performance is higher than that of other conventional materials of similar thickness. The Noice Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of melamine foam is 0.95, exceeding most conventional materials in the architecture market.


Melamine foam can be easily cutted and jacketed with non-woven cloth, aluminum foil or plastic sheet to be applied in ceiling, furniture soft package, walls, partitions, interlayer, pipe wall, etc.
With the acoustic and thermal insulation features, melamine foam provides solutions for any environment, meeting rooms, halls, studios, restaurant, stadium, natatorium, art centers, theatres and etc architecture market.

The founders and technicians of Foamtech are employed by the Chinese government, have professional titles, and have in-depth research on the construction profession. We can provide the most professional industry solutions to meet your different needs.

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