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Sound insulation filling material for cars.

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Because of its elasticity, light weight and excellent acoustic properties, melamine foam is used as a filler in the automotive industry, and is widely used in sun visors, roof fillers, support pillar fillers, engine compartment sound insulation pads, and engine sound insulation covers , Gearbox soundproof cover, door filler.

Melacoustic ™ G is a thermosetting polymer foamed from gray open-cell melamine resin. Melacoustic G melamine sponge is compounded with aluminum foil and back glue to have excellent acoustic properties. Melamine sponge composite sound-absorbing cotton also has the characteristics of flame retardancy, high temperature resistance, aging resistance and light weight.
Melacoustic G can achieve the best sound insulation and acoustic effects for the engine compartment and passenger area of ​​the bus, reduce the noise in the car, and improve the comfort of passengers.
The melamine silencing cotton that can be applied to passenger cars is Melacoustic G. One side is laminated with adhesive and the other side is laminated with aluminum foil. The usual thickness is 30mm, 50mm, 70mm and other thicknesses.

FoamTech is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development, production and sales of polymer nano-level environmentally friendly melamine foam. Its headquarters and R&D base are established in Xingang Industrial Park, Xinzheng City, Henan Province, founded by two returned overseas graduate students. The company’s main product, melamine foam, has flame retardancy, high temperature resistance and thermal stability without adding flame retardants. The open-hole three-dimensional network structure makes it have good sound absorption, heat insulation, light weight and good secondary processability. Products are used in vehicles and rail transit, aerospace defense, cleaning industry, construction and other fields.

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