CAD Custom Foam

CAD custom foam cutting for shaped melamine foam of various applications.

What are CAD Custom Foam

Custom Melamine Foam CAD

CAD custom foam is FoamTech’s melamine foam processing method. It refers to the customized foam processing using CNC cutting machines and other equipment based on the customer’s drawings-CAD engineering drawings.

Melamine sponge has a very wide range of applications, and it is easy to find their applications in life. However, like other foam and plastic materials, there is no specific size and shape that can meet most application requirements. Especially for the industrial product market.

pyramid melamine foam

The customized melamine foam, which uses engineering drawings (CAD) and processed by computer to process output instructions, greatly improves work efficiency, and high-precision products can seamlessly meet your application requirements.

Foam Tech is one of the biggest melamine foam manufacturer that provides full range melamine foam related foam customization service.

We have advanced production capacity and professional  processing technique help you with the solution, generate value to you.

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