This Composite Sound Barrier Foam Provides Premium Noise isolation

Melamine acoustic foam with sound barriers

This three-layer composite sound barrier foam is designed specifically for top-level noise isolation and soundproofing on the market. The combination of melamine foam and barriers allows for no frequencies to escape, substantially reducing sound energy output.

The product includes two melamine foam pieces sandwiching a barrier, which functions to capture the lower frequencies that melamine foam alone may miss.

The Benefits of Melamine foam for Sound insulation:

Melamine resin sponge, or Melamine foam for short, can provide an exceptional level of noise isolation in comparison to other materials used in the market.

It is a unique and flexible foam that has a low weight with a Class 0 non-flammable fire specification. The foam is used in sound insulation due to its open-cell surface, assuring that sound waves penetrate the unhindered cell structure without reflection. In addition, the microscopic cells allow for superior sound absorption.

melamine foam applications

The cell structure of the material also provides the added benefit of substantially reducing sound energy, giving the fabric an excellent sound absorption capacity. Melamine foam alone allows for sounds at higher frequencies to be isolated in any suitable space. While functioning as a soundproofing foam, the material also has an excellent capacity for thermal insulation.

Melamine foam is better than other materials on the market due to the significant advantage of it not being flammable. If heated to 465F, the foam simply shrinks or collapses.

This provides a major safety benefit for indoor and outdoor spaces. Other sound-absorbing products, such as polyurethane foam and felt, are highly flammable, requiring unsafe chemicals to be added to them to stop fires.

Known applications for melamine include educational venues, terminal buildings, and cities. In addition, from high noise working environments to home decoration, household appliances, and daily cleaning products, melamine foam is an industry-standard for sound reduction and insulation.

Benefits of a Composite Product with a Barrier:

The acoustic foam alone allows for top-notch sound insulation at higher frequencies. However, when combined with the barrier, this product can provide an increased sound absorption of lower frequencies.

sound barrier foam

This feature is due to the barrier’s higher capacity to restrict lower frequencies. Therefore it makes the composite sound barrier foam an excellent choice for any environment needing soundproofing and insulation.

The product allows sounds to be encapsulated entirely, making it the perfect candidate for providing top-quality balanced acoustic in commercial and industrial environments, such as theaters, halls, and recording studios.


The melamine foam used in this product provides top-quality sound reduction and isolation at high frequencies compared to other materials on the market. It also has the priceless benefit of being fire-resistant.

When these qualities are paired with the middle barrier, the product can also allow for better absorption of lower frequencies than using foam alone can achieve.

This bonus means that the composite sound barrier foam allows for the best sound reduction at high and low frequencies and is fire-resistant, unlike other products. Hence this gives it the distinct edge as the best noise isolation product on the market.

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