Compressed Melamine Foam

Compressed Melamine foam are much more denser and more durable, created for heavy duty works.

What are Compressed Melamine Foam

compressed melamine foam2

Compressed melamine foam, is also called heat pressed melamine foam or high density melamine sponge, it’s a new form of melamine foam after treated by compressing machine.

Same as the classic melamine foam sponge, the compressed sponges only need water to effectively clean most stains--no chemicals or additives necessary. On the exterior , they look, act and feel as almost every other sponges, however that's where the similarities end.

Melamine foam can be just a porous material, that acts something similar to very fine sandpaper to lightly remove stains. Though it feels tender on the surface, each eraser is in fact uniquely abrasive and uses small air pockets at the material to lift stains when damp.

Melamine foam and compressed melamine foam sponge are the same material, and they are both based on melamine open-cell foam. 


Compared to ordinary magic melamine sponge cleaning eraser, compressed melamine foam sponge are as twice or more durability VS standard melamine cleaning sponges. The difference in hand feel is very obvious. Compressed sponge is thicker, harder, and heavier than ordinary nano-sponges.


The density of compacted melamine foam cleaning cubes product scan reach 17kg/m3, which makes up for the underlying flaws of breaking, simple slag and speedy wear of standard melamine foam sponge.


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