Construction of factory

On a spacious ground, through the concerted efforts of FoamTech’s workers, we establish a automation factory.

At the infancy of construction, FoamTech invited foreign expert to guide the floor construction in order to highly coordinate with german equipment. Factory blueprint was programmed by Design Institute of Zhengzhou University. Through 3 months of efforts, we finished the basic construction of workshop, equipment installation and arrange of raw materials, obtaining top quality among competitors.

At the early stage of equipment purchasing, FoamTech’s general manager investigated German enterprise, emphatically inspecting the company’s qualification, technology, production capacity and company’s reputation. During the installation of foreign equipment, special equipments(industrial microwave, natural gas incinerator, screw extruder) were strictly followed the instruction of the manufacture. German company sent a group of technicians to guide the installation, ensuring every screw of the equipment was right on position.Melamine Foam Manufacturer|FoamTech

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