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Melamine foam were discovered by the Japanese for cleaning purposes in the 1990s. With its 3D mesh structure, it can not only remove stains on the surface, but also can go deep into the inner layer of the contact object for more in-depth cleaning.The biggest difference between it and other foam sponges is: conventional polyurethane sponges, polyether sponges containing scouring pads and rags need detergent to remove stains, even oil. The nano melamine foam sponge only needs water to remove 80% of stubborn stains.

Now, melamine sponge has become a mature product in the consumer market. It plays an important role in daily household cleaning and professional commercial cleaning. Such as daily dining utensils, house walls, sneaker cleaning, and even human teeth whitening.

Since the cleaning sponge is a rigid requirement, there is no maturity and decay period similar to other products, and there are no other products with advantages that can be upgraded in the short term. It is extremely suitable for the intervention of any commercial entity. Moreover, the technical threshold is low, the input and production costs are low, and it is biased towards the consumer market, which is extremely suitable for the entry of new brands.

FoamTech can provide a complete set of OEM and ODM Melamine Foam solutions. Based on our professional knowledge of the industry and perfect production and processing technology, we have and will innovatively provide users in the cleaning industry with ultra-conventional products and brand solutions. means. Choose FoamTech to help you quickly establish a brand and create stable value in the FMCG market.

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