Effective sound-dampening acoustic foam – Melamine foam

melamine foam

As a sound-absorbing material, acoustic foam has been proven to be a very effective sound-absorbing product and is widely used in various industries. On the basis of silencing, pyramid-shaped acoustic foam can be better used for sound silencing in KTV, recording studio and other occasions.

Acoustic foam noise reduction principle

Foam has shown an unexpected effect in terms of noise reduction. The unique physical structure causes the air in the foam cavity to vibrate when sound travels through the foam, causing the air to rub against the cell walls. In this process, a large part of the sound energy is converted into heat energy, which consumes the energy of the sound to achieve the effect of sound absorption.

acoustic foam
Application of Pyramid Foam

Pyramid foam is a square cone-shaped acoustic foam formed by unique equipment processing of foam materials. It is a sound-insulating, sound-absorbing and vibration-reducing foam material after complex foaming. Has an attractive appearance and good acoustic properties. Pyramid foam is full of fine voids and open-cell structure, so that it can absorb a larger amount of incoming sound waves and play a sound wave attenuation effect, reduce the interference and echo of sound waves reflected in the room, and maintain the purity of the sound. This is a high-performance product of sound-absorbing and noise-reducing material.

Research has shown that the pyramid-shaped acoustic foam is more suitable for occasions where sound purity needs to be maintained, compared with ordinary acoustic foam. The absorption frequency of the pyramid foam can reach more than 500HZ, which ensures a flat absorption curve in the indoor acoustic treatment; due to its quadrangular shape, it also provides a little diffusion effect while eliminating sound, which will adjust the indoor sound. The sound field and Hunjiang are adjusted to a dry sound to make the sound pleasant to the ear.

Additionally, due to the lightweight and compact material. This sound-absorbing foam can be easily carried and installed where needed; it can be installed where needed using physical attachment methods such as glue, double-sided tape, or nails. At the same time, the pyramid-shaped foam can also decorate the indoor environment and make the interior look beautiful.

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