(EPA) of Zhengzhou inspected the working process of FoamTech

On March 25, 2016, officers of the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) of Zhengzhou inspected the working process of FoamTech. With the accompany of our general manager, they respectively visited the factory, office, workshop, and laboratory. At 10 o’clock, officers of EPA first inspected the workshop. In the spacious working field, FoamTech’s general manager introduced the German-imported equipment, specifically the production crafts and product quality. Later, officers observed the laboratory and worker’s dormitory, giving highly praised evaluation to FoamTech’s future development. Then, our general manager hosted a meeting, reporting the precise situation of the working process and the specific plan for the future production. After the meeting, officers of EPA gave highly expected comments for FoamTech’s future production. FoamTech’s general manager clearly represents that FoamTech wouldn’t disappoint the local government’s expectation, striving for further contribution in the field of environmental protection.

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