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Noise control in workshops and production equipment.

Reduce noise damage to employees

Noise-induced hearing loss is a prevalent workplace injury in the modern industrial plant. Employers must manage workplace noise exposure. Doing so is complex in terms of accurately assessing sound levels and noise exposure in the workplace, identifying and ranking the dominant noise sources to be targeted for mitigation, and finding practicable, effective, and affordable noise control solutions.

The melamine foam produced by FoamTech is resistant to high temperature (high temperature resistance peaks up to 240 ℃) and flame retardant (B1 flame retardant) (noise reduction coefficient NRC=0.95), which enables it to provide efficient solutions for industrial noise reduction. After cutting, the melamine foam board can be directly used on the ceiling and wall of the factory building to achieve sound absorption.

After special-shaped cutting, the melamine foam can be processed into a pipe insulation layer, which has excellent noise reduction and heat preservation effects on hot water tanks, air-conditioning ventilation pipes, gas pipes, and hot air pipes.

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