Foam Tech melamine sponge multilayer composite sponge

composite sponge

Multilayer composite cleaning sponge

Multilayer composite sponge means that sponges of different materials and densities are compounded together. Compared with ordinary sponges, multi-layer composite sponges have significant differences in water absorption and cleaning effects. And the multi-layer composite sponge is more tough and not fragile.

Compared with ordinary melamine sponge, composite sponge has the following advantages:

1. The composite sponge has double-sidedness, and the sponge can be easily wiped off the oil stains on the kitchen utensils when it is coated with detergent;

2. The composite sponge is beautiful and generous, and the multi-color composite makes people feel more comfortable.;

3. It has a long-lasting super strong washing power, which is easy to clean by itself, and is not afraid of getting dirty;

4.The composite sponge has been processed to have special decontamination particles and powerful decontamination;

5. After use, the foam is easy to remove, and the drying speed is fast, which can achieve the cleaning effect;

6. The secondary bacteria are small, which is a healthier cleaning method.

Three-layer composite sponge

Three-layer composite sponge

Based on the composite sponge, we developed a three-layer composite sponge. While retaining the advantages of the composite sponge, it has a better cleaning effect.

The three-layer composite sponge is composed of a layer of compressed melamine sponge, a layer of polyurethane sponge and a layer of ordinary melamine sponge. Due to the diversity of materials, composite sponges have the advantages of sponges. For example, it is more water-absorbent and more flexible.

The ordinary layer has stronger foaming performance to clean oil more thoroughly, and the compressed layer is tougher, which can effectively remove stubborn stains. The polyurethane layer in the middle plays the role of foaming and concentrated detergent.

The unique wave shape of the three-layer composite sponge can make you better grasp the sponge, and the convex points on the surface make the contact area of the sponge and the parts that need to be cleaned larger, which can remove stains more effectively.

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