FoamTech more ultra D55mm sneaker cleaning sponge

sneaker cleaning sponge
sneaker cleaning sponge use for cleaning your sneaker shoes


1. What is a sneaker cleaning sponge

This sponge is a combination of a double hot-pressed melamine sponge and scouring pad, which we have researched according to market research. Compared with other small shoe polishing tools, Our sponge has more price advantage, and the method of use is simpler and faster.

2. Why use a sneaker cleaning sponge

Compared with previous shoe polishing methods, our sneaker cleaning sponge has the following advantages

The sneaker cleaning sponge is smaller and easier to carry. Due to its small size, it occupies a very small space. And the sponge can be reused, a sneaker cleaning sponge can be used for a long time. Sneaker cleaning sponge can clean shoes more conveniently and quickly. Its sponge is a melamine sponge with high density, you only need to apply shoe polish or water on the sponge to easily slide and remove stains on the shoes to make the shoes shine.

3. How to apply the sneaker cleaning sponge to different scenarios

Of course, sneaker clean sponge is not only suitable for shoe polishing, it can also be used in other places. Because of its small size and the characteristics of compounding with scouring pads, it can be used for cleaning in smaller places, such as corners of drawers and other places that are not easy to clean, it can also be used for cleaning leather clothing, small machines, etc.


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