High-Density Magic Cleaning Sheet

As for cleaning materials, sponges have by far proven to be versatile within the home environment; from their usage in bathrooms, cleaning of dishes, and even cleaning of counters, sponges have exceptionally kept at bay potential hazards that may get caused by microbial activity – Or so we thought. As such, magic cleaning sponge has certainly taken a different direction in-home cleaning based on a unique structure that combines high performance and durability.

Ideally, ordinary sponges have proven to be more densely colonized by microbial organisms than another real estate within the home environment – kitchens and bathrooms which are supposedly the most bacteria-laden regions within a typical home. It has been assumed that the growth of microbial organisms has largely been attributed to the bulk of ordinary sponges getting porous and moist, with a large surface area for microbes to populate. Wiping ordinary sponges on other home surfaces – hand, for instance, or the kitchen counter – can leave trails of microbes.

And even worse, recent reports have indicated that ordinary sponges tend to break down and turn into waste over a short period of use; when ordinary sponge cleaning blocks get used for cleaning, there often disintegrate the material. But for the magic cleaning sheet, based on the cleaning sheet’s thinner thickness and high-density characteristics, no waste gets guaranteed compared to the same ordinary cleaning sponge.

Additionally, a melamine cleaning sheet, the same as ordinary cleaning sponges, can get cut into small pieces to clean hard-to-reach regions and small places within a typical home environment. And when a recent research study proposed that cleaning ordinary sponges may promote the development of microbes – potentially harmful bacteria – coverage went viral on no small part since most people have their sponges sitting next to bathtubs or kitchen sinks. Now that the cycles of news have moved on, it gets crucial to take a collective stride back and deduce if the fuss has been merited. A team of researchers from Germany sequenced the DNA from bacteria collected from fourteen kitchen sponges and divided them into two distinct groups;  sponges that got regularly sanitized by microwave treatment or detergent, and sponges that were not treated in any way.

From the simple study, it was discovered that regularly cleaned sponges had marginally lower levels of bacteria, but had a higher percentage of Moraxella and Chryseobacteria. Drawing from the research study, complemented by reports obtained concerning the breakdown of ordinary sponges after a short period of use, the cleaning sponge sheet combines the high cleaning performance of convectional sponges with the toughness of high-density sponges to ensure no breakdown or disintegration after extended use. As such, the high-density sponge cleans with little water and in some cases may even clean with no detergent, thereby ensuring minimal wastage of precious resources within a home environment.

While ordinary sponges may exhibit a little capacity for long-term storage, a magic cleaning sponge remains conducive to long-term storage and, therefore, guarantee a superior cleaning power for tough cleaning jobs within kitchens and bathrooms. Generally, the magic cleaning sheet employs significant advantages over ordinary cleaning sponges based on good flexibility and high density. The cleaning sheet simply removes tough stains from narrow crevices and employs an easily customizable structure based on the product’s paper-thin material that adapts to different cleaning conditions

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