Acoustic melamine foam excellent sound absorption

Acoustic Melamine Foam Sound Absorption

Sounds are part of our everyday living and with the rapid urbanization and industrialization seen in the recent past, noise pollution has been a great concern because of its health effects and effect on living standards (Cao et al., 2018). Sounds are made by humans when they speak, by industries, vehicles, and even birds among many others sources of noise pollution.

Therefore, sounds can be defined as vibrations in the air and water which result from pressure and displacement of particles(Horoshenkov 2017). It is necessary to put in place measures to control and eliminate noise pollution in totality, which includes sound absorption and soundproofing methods. Sound absorption is therefore a measure of the number of sound waves reflected as sound passes through a given material. Sound ought to be bearable and not a collection of noise. Therefore, most people invest in soundproofing and sound absorption materials.

Acoustic engineers have the responsibility of ensuring sound enhancement or sound reduction. This is done using various materials such as glass wool fibers, hemp, Kevlar, polyesters, wood, melamine, porous sintered fiber metals, and polyurethane among many others. This article focuses on acoustic foam with a keen interest in melamine foam materials

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When one speaks in a room, sound waves travel around the corners of the room and all over the room. The materials that absorb sound work to absorb the sound and stop the sound energy from traveling all over the room and causing echoes. In addition, in industries sound absorption helps prevent noise pollution to the surrounding. Acoustic sound-absorbing foam absorbs these reflected sound waves from a hard surface resulting in a cool and quiet environment. Sound absorption and soundproofing are very different because soundproofing refers to the blocking of sound while sound absorption is the act of absorbing sound waves to prevent echoes and reduce noise.

Melamine foam is an abrasive sponge used in some bullet trains because of its high effectiveness in sound absorption. In addition, melamine foam also provides effective thermal insulation and hence does not require any chemical fire protection. They are also light in weight. It makes use of its microporous cells which come together to form a material that absorbs sound. In addition, melamine acoustic foam does not provide a suitable condition for the breeding of bacteria and the growth of mold. Melamine form comes in the form of white or grey and normally has no discoloration. 


With the rapid industrialization and technological evolution, it is necessary to have systems that reduce noise pollution. Noise pollution can be reduced with the use of absorption materials such as acoustic melamine foam which has several advantages over the other absorption materials. It is highly effective in sound absorption and even insulates against fire, unlike the other materials. Therefore, one ought to invest in sound absorption materials such as melamine form which performs more than one function. In addition, it also does not encourage the growth of bacteria and mold.

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