What are Hydrophobic Melamine Foam

Hydrophobic Melamine Foam (With self-adhesive backing & Without) is an enhanced version of melamine foam with exceptional water-resistance properties maintaining all other key attributes for sound deadening(after special treatment can achieve the hydrophobic ratio up to 99.1%).

Hydrophobic Melamine Foam

Hydrophobic Melamine Foam is extremely lightweight (6-7 kg/m³) and flexible. The open cell surface allows sound waves to penetrate the foam and not reflect as an echo. Recommended for both acoustical and thermal insulation in aircraft, aerospace, marine, automotive, and architectural applications. 

FoamTech Hydrophobic Melamine Foam Data Sheet

Density: 8±2 Kg/m³   GB/T 6343-2009

Hardness: 75±10  GB/T 3854

Tensile Strength: 130 Kpa   GB/T 6344-2008

Tear Strength: 55 N/m  GB/T 10808-2006

40%Indentation Hardness Index: 460 N   GB/T 10807-2006

Resilience by Ball Rebound: 78%   GB/T 6670-2008

Acoustic Coefficient: 0.95 NRC  ISO 354:2003

Heat Conductivity:  0.034 W/(M. K)   GB/T 10295-2008

Thermal Insulation:  2.31(㎡.K)/W   GB/T 10295-2008

Elogation at break: 30%   ISO 1798

Flame Retardant: 

B1  DIN4102-1
V-0  UL 94
B1-(B-sl,d0)  GB8624
S4-SR2-ST2  DIN5510
A Level  ASTM E84-18b
Non-flammable TB/T 3138-2006
A Level TB/T 3237-2010
HL3 EN 45545-2:2013+A1:2005

Working temperature -240℃-220℃ -, -464℉-428℉ –

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