Melamine Acoustic Foam-A New Choice for the Aerospace Industry

Melamine acoustic foam has extensive applications in the aerospace industry. Its exceptional sound absorption and fire-retardant properties make it an indispensable material in aircraft and spacecraft.

Melamine acoustic foam

Sound Absorption Performance
The sound absorption performance (NRC value) of melamine acoustic foam varies by thickness, showing excellent results:
20mm thickness: NRC value of 0.65
30mm thickness: NRC value of 0.75
40mm thickness: NRC value of 0.8
50mm thickness: NRC value of 0.9
80mm thickness: NRC value of 0.95
In aerospace applications, melamine foam effectively absorbs a wide range of sound frequencies, significantly reducing noise and enhancing internal comfort. For instance, using it in aircraft cabins can reduce engine noise and aerodynamic noise, providing passengers with a quieter flying experience. Similarly, inside spacecraft, acoustic foam can create a quieter work and living environment, reducing noise interference.

Fire-Retardant Performance
The aerospace industry demands high fire-retardant standards for materials, and melamine foam performs excellently in various international and domestic tests:
-ASTM-E84: Class A rating
-UL94: v0 rating
-GB/T8624: B1 rating
-EN45545: HL3 rating

Complies with CCAR 256a fire safety requirements
These standards demonstrate that melamine acoustic foam is safe in high-temperature and fire conditions. Using this foam in aircraft and spacecraft not only prevents flame spread but also provides valuable escape time, protecting the lives of passengers and crew.
Melamine acoustic foam plays a crucial role in the aerospace industry. Its outstanding sound absorption and fire-retardant properties make it an ideal acoustic material. Whether in aircraft cabins, cockpits, or the interiors of spacecraft, melamine acoustic foam offers excellent noise control and safety assurance.

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