Melamine Floor Pads

Melamine Foam Floor Pads works great for cleaning and restoring floors.

What are Melamine Foam Floor Pads

melamine foam floor pads

Melamine Foam Pads is made using open-cell melamine foam , and is laminated to nonwoven material made of 100% polyester fibers.The melamine pad works miraculously to clean floors without removing the floor finish. It is mainly used on shallow grouted floors, cleaning any heavily soiled floors, and is excellent for removing stubborn black marks.

Melamine Foam only need water to effectively clean most stains--no chemicals or additives necessary. On the exterior , they look, act and feel as almost every other sponges, however that's where the similarities end.

Melamine foam can be just a porous material, that acts something similar to very fine sandpaper to lightly remove stains. Though it feels tender on the surface, each eraser is in fact uniquely abrasive and uses small air pockets at the material to lift stains when damp.

The floor cleaning pads is used for Restoring and Cleaning Various Floors.


This Item is Made from melamine foam laminated to some 100% recycled polyester.

Nonwoven material and won't be afflicted with water or impartial cleaners.


  • The Unbelievable cleansing attributes of melamine foam produce a remarkably high degree of friction when introduced into a floor. It's important to include water, a neutral cleansing solution along with perhaps a degreaser to the floor mat and to the ground so as to decrease friction up on startup.
  • Employ non conductive mat driver aspect of melamine floor pads to floor cleaning machine, white melamine side facing toward floor.
  • Make sure you examine machine pressure in order to prevent premature wear of floor.
  • Avoid rough jagged surfaces that will wear floor pads out immediately.

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