Melamine Foam with Aerogel


Aerogel blanket is a flame-retardant thermal insulation blanket made of nano-silica aerogel as the main material and compounded with melamine foam through a special process. Silica aerogel combination with melamine foam as carrier——-aerogel blanket.

What is aerogel?


Silica aerogel is obtained by reacting a chemical solution to form a sol and then gel
Gel, remove the solvent in the gel, and obtain a spatial network structure filled with gas,
The appearance is a solid-like porous material with extremely low density (close to air density).

Aerogel is currently the lightest solid material known, and the material with the best thermal insulation performance so far, The thermal insulation performance of aerogel has extensive and huge application value in many fields, and is called “The magical material that changes the world”.

Why work with melamine foam?

melamine foam structurer

Melamine foam is a soft foam made by foaming melamine resin with a three-dimensional hexagonal open structure. Therefore, it has self-extinguishing properties and superior heat insulation and sound absorption properties. In addition, its open-pore structure determines its light weight and can maintain its original properties in different temperature ranges. Because of its excellent sound absorption and heat insulation, it is used in various construction projects.

Aerogel blanket Production process

In the sol-gel stage of the aerogel blanket preparation process, the silica sol directly infiltrates the melamine foam fibers, and undergoes gel aging, modification, and drying together until the end of product production. The aerogel composite material obtained by this method, relatively speaking, the aerogel is the continuous phase, and the foam fiber is the dispersed phase. The resulting aerogel products often have lower thermal conductivity and better product quality consistency. , It is also the mainstream compounding method of aerogel companies at home and abroad.

Aerogel blanket has the characteristics of softness, easy cutting, low density, fire resistance, flame retardant, and environmental protection. It can replace traditional flexible insulation materials such as glass fiber products, asbestos insulation felt, silicate fiber products that are not environmentally friendly and have poor insulation performance. 

Aerogel blankets show unique properties in mechanics, acoustics, heat, optics, etc. Zhengzhou Fengtai Nanomaterials Co., Ltd. has shown unique properties. The most prominent one is thermal insulation performance. Due to its unique properties, aerogel blankets are used in aviation It has broad application prospects in the fields of aerospace, petrochemical, electric metallurgy, marine vehicles, precision instruments, refrigerators, clothing tents, and building energy conservation. It is a revolutionary alternative to traditional thermal insulation materials. With the transformation and upgrading of China’s economy, the continuous and vigorous promotion of energy-saving and consumption-reduction policies, and China’s nanomaterials strategy that has been implemented for many years.

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