Melamine Insulation Self Adhesive Foam

Melamine Insulation Self Adhesive Foam is a peel & stick laminate works mainly for insulation purpose.

What are Melamine Insulation Self Adhesive Foam

Melamine Insulation Self Adhesive Foam

The self-adhesive melamine foam is made of single-sided and double-sided adhesive. When using, directly remove the adhesive paper and stick it on the surface of the object to be fixed. It is generally used in fields that require sound damping, sound insulation, heat preservation or flame retardant applications.

The self-adhesive melamine sponge strip is as convenient as tape. It can be cut at will and can be stored for a long time.

Melamine Insulation Self Adhesive Foam3

There are many types of adhesive-backed foam products on the market, but most of them are used for single purposes such as sound insulation and packaging. But no other foam product is as good as nano sponge. Melamine sponge combines the advantages of shock absorption, noise reduction, flame retardancy, light weight and low price. Therefore, if you need an integrated and economical solution, melamine sponge is your best solution.

Possible scene use: silencing of car engine compartment and roof. Wall panels and ceiling compartments for professional recording studios. These all require a certain flame retardant and sound insulation effect, and melamine sponge is very suitable for a wide range of use.

FoamTech's high-quality melamine sponge products are widely used in municipal engineering, and have played an excellent performance in the professional field and have gained a good reputation. Our environmentally friendly melamine sponge has been recognized by professional organizations in high-tech fields such as ships and spacecraft.

Foam Tech is the #1 Melamine Foam manufacturer that provides wholesale and customized adhesive melamine foam tapes.

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