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Melamine foam is the ultra-light materials with flame retardant and low smoke feathers. With the long-term service under a wide range of temperature feature, melamine foam keeps flexibility in high and low temperatures.

fire retardent melamine

In the architectures, melamine foam can be used in inner walls, ventilations, hot water tanks, and pipe jackets to insulate heat. In the industrial areas, melamine foam can be used to reduse energy losses of petrochemical, metallurgical, LNG and other various cold pipe insulations.

With the improving awareness of safety, the fire retardant requirement of thermal insulation materials is increasing. Conventional thermal insulations have to be added with fireproofs, which is not long-lasting but harmful to human. However, fiberglass and mineral wools are flame retardant. They produce a huge amount of fine dirt, which creates discomfort when installing.

FoamTech Foam exhibits features of heat stability, fire retardant without any fireproofs, and easily to be processed(no by-products). Melamine Foam thermal performance exceeds all the other conventional thermal insulation materials, such as Fiberglass, Mineral Wool, Polyurethane Foam and Polystyrene (EPS)

Themal Insulation Melamine Foam in Pipe

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