Ultra-thin Tissue Magic Sponge Sheet

Disposable Tissue Magic Sponge Sheet, A sponge material made “tissue paper”.

Why use Tissue Magic Sponge Sheet

magic sponge sheet

The tissue magic sponge sheet is a cross-age product launched by melamine sponge manufacture FoamTech’s team after market research and testing. It was unprecedented, so much so that it achieved great success as soon as it went public. When we discuss the consumer goods market, we like to use the term Niche Market. The paper-pumping melamine sponge is an innovation in the traditional cleaning market. It is a product with Niche characteristics.

Why choose a disposable magic sponge sheet eraser?

The disposable eraser sheet can be well received, mainly due to the following characteristics:

High material usage
As we all know, traditional melamine sponges generally have a fixed size, such as 10*7*3cm, 10*6*2cm or so. Consumers’ comprehensive utilization rate of materials is less than 60%, and they are basically discarded when they are more than half worn or polluted. This caused necessary damage to the environment and caused waste. The paper-thin paper sponge can effectively eliminate this. The sponge cut into small pieces can be used completely.

Higher resilience
The hot pressing method used in the melamine sponge sheet eraser, like the compressed nano-sponge, has a higher tensile strength. Unlike traditional melamine foam, it will break and tear under slight force.

The paper sponge is as thin as paper, which means you can put it wherever you want to store it. No longer need to buy a large box of sponges to take up space in your storage room.

Lower price
A single piece of paper sponge will be cheaper than any kind of sponge product.

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