Why Choose Hydrophobic Melamine Foam?

Hydrophobic melamine foam


Good news! We’ve enhanced our melamine foam. The development of the hydrophobic melamine foam can help the melamine foam to be water-proofing, which increasing the application fields. Here, we will introduce this product for you.

We will introduce what is the hydrophobic melamine foam, how does it work and its applications.
The development of the melamine hydrophobic foam can help the melamine foam to be water-proofing, which increasing the application fields.

The development of foam with exceptional water-resistance properties is an important and necessary step for the application of melamine. The development can help the standard melamine foam to be water-proofing, which increasing the application fields.

In addition to this, it can reduce cost because you don’t need to use glue or other materials when installing it on your wall or ceiling.

Water-resistant melamine foam is a product that doesn’t exist in nature. There are two ways of making hydrophobic open cell melamine foam:

  • The first is by adding a water-repellent coating to the surface of traditional melamine foam. This treatment works by making contact with the original, untreated melamine foam and bonding permanently to its surface. The result is an improved anti-wetting effect in many applications.
  • The second way is through a more complex process called plasma gasification, which involves converting raw materials into gaseous form before heating them to extremely high temperatures (1,500°C). Hydrophobic acoustic melamine foams produced this way are then coated with special resins and cured using ultraviolet light. In addition to being hydrophobic, they also have excellent thermal insulation properties due to their carbonized structure.

The melamine hydrophobic foam is commonly used as fireproofing insulation board in new energy cars (NEV)

Hydrophobic melamine foam sheets with exceptional water-resistance is a great choice for your home or building. The use can replace such materials as rock wool and glass wool, which are both environmentally friendly and sustainable.

It’s been proven that it has the same performance as other insulation materials, but has a more efficient structure, so it can be used in places such as NEV (new energy vehicles), where there is no need to support heavy passenger weights or equipment loads like other cars.

Besides NEVs, melamine foam with exceptional water-resistance is also ideal in aerospace industries, insulation in aircraft, wall insulation in transportation, marine and etc., due to its extremely lightweight (density 6-7 kg/m³).

Hydrophobic melamine foam

Hydrophobic foam panels meet the ASTM E84 Class A

For high temperature applications like automotive exhaust pipe, it is crucial to use flame retardant foam to reduce the fire risk. If your application requires a high temperature, it is a great choice of foam insulation. It is more cost-effective than other flame retardant materials and is also more environmentally friendly. It also generates limited smoke when on fire.

Hydrophobic melamine foam

The flexible melamine hydrophobic foam can replace such materials as rock wool and fiberglass

  • Rock wool and fiberglass are not Eco-friendly
  • Rock wool and glass wool generate massive fibers which harm lungs.
  • Hydrophobic foam sheets have no toxicity
  • Melamine acoustical foam has resistance to chemicals.
  • It also commonly works as an insulator because it’s able to block out high heat and cold.
  • We’ve enhanced our melamine foam to a higher level of noise reduction.

Super water resistant melamine foam is a great choice for your home or building to achieve to control noise

  • Water-resistant melamine foam is a great choice for your home or building.
  • It is fireproof, so you know it won’t catch on fire.
  • It’s also water-proof, so you don’t have to worry about water damage from leaks or floods.
  • Soundproof, thermal insulating and lightweight properties make it a must-have item in any modern home or apartment building.
  • The flexibility makes it easy to install

Where to find the manufacturer / supplier?

Please always remember to contact FoamTech China, when you have request of acoustical foam products.

Hydrophobic melamine foam is enhanced version of melamine foam for your insulation needs. You can name it melamine foam 2.0. It maintaining all other key attributes and has the same properties as regular melamine foam—fireproofing, sound absorption and thermal insulation—but comes with the added advantage of being water-resistant. This makes it ideal for areas where moisture might present a problem, such as bathrooms or kitchens. Additionally, it offers benefits like durability over time (it does not rot nor does it deteriorate in high temperatures) and easy installation (you can install it yourself!). Please contact our factory for the custom thickness, backing, adhesive options that you want.

And finally, it’s very inexpensive compared to other materials used in construction! Contact us and let us surprise you with the price.

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